The Most Popular Slot Tips Part 2

While playing any gambling games you must first follow a few basic rules, so you get the most bang for your buck.  There are so many different games that you can choose from. however the one I have chosen to talk about today is the Slot Machines.  There are 3 types of Slot Machines available,  Basic, Progressive, and Bonus Video Slots.   Always choose the slots that have RNG, this stands for Random Number Generator, the reason why is this assures the player that the game is not rigged and gives the player a fair chance for winning.

Another tip is to always look at the screen and look for slots that have the most paying symbols, this means that the slot machine is a loser machine.  Always read the payout list on the screen and make sure you understand all the rules before putting any coins in the machine.  Always know what you are willing to lose the amount of money you can afford to lose before playing any game.  Just because a machine looks appealing, lights, bells,or whistles does not mean it is the machine is the one to play.

While you are playing the slots always switch machines after no return after 10 coins.  If you stay at one machine to long with no payout then you will run out of money to fast and then you will  be done gambling very fast.  You have to remember that this is a form of entertainment not a way to pay your bills.  Always enjoy yourself and if you are playing Online then you can take a break whenever you want and just come back to the computer whenever you want to.  There are no time limits when you are playing slots, even in the land casinos.

In order to qualify for the max payout you always need to always play the max bet, usually this is 2x the minimum bet.  For example if the minimum bet is 25 cents then the max bet would be 50 cents.  When you are playing in a casino and you are playing slots never, never stand in between two machines and play them both at the same time.  The main reason is you will never find two machines next to each other that both payout.  One is always going to be tight and the other might be loose.  Remember  to have fun, this is just a game so enjoy yourselves.


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